Our journal club started several years with the effort of Dr. Gough (Dept. Chemistry at the Univ. of Manitoba)  and the goal of uniting researchers across Winnipeg, across faculties, and across departments. The club began with a focus on Alzheimer's dementia. Once I became the Dementia Research Chair (2015) I expanded the club to include all forms of dementia. Previously, the group met monthly at various Winnipeg locations, with many meetings occurring at the University of Manitoba, Ft. Garry, HSC, and St. Boniface. The covid pandemic of course encouraged me to take our club to the next level and to create an online platform using zoom. We continue to meet monthly, but now I have the opportunity to invite leading investigators from all over the globe. Hope you can attend!

2020-2021   Schedule

October            Dr. Guha


November        Dr. Balin 


December        Dr. Modirrousta    


January           Dr. Aubert     





February     Dr. Luc Clair


March          Dr. George Perry    


April            Dr. Scott Turner 


May             Cancelled


June             Dr. Avi Nath     



no materials available for this speaker

To attend our club or for more information contact:
Dr. Benedict C. Albensi, Chair